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RIVAL CULTS - Indoctrination [vinyl lp]



maroon gloom vinyl  (ltd to 110)
hand-printed & numbered heavyweight old style "tip-on" packaging
(due to the hand-printed nature of the packaging, there will be variations and there may be imperfections)

a1.  Through Burning Fields
a2.  Drink the Dark
a3.  Hot Blood and Rock 'N Roll
a4.  Chrome Temple
a5.  Blue Eyed Horse
a6.  Heraldry
b1.  Murder Nation
b2.  Erotic Elegy
b3.  Armageddon 415 A.D.
b4.  Cold Thoughts, Warm Hearts
b5.  Devotion

Like California's answer to Fields of the Nephilim, Santa Barbara’s RIVAL CULTS are here, pedaling their distinctly west coast brand of energized gothic rock, and bringing back the “rock & roll” that has somehow been forgotten in this era’s dark rock movement.

After years spent touring with bands like Uphill Battle and Exhumed since high school, and another decade and a half of playing in his own local Portland metal bands, Cole Barrington (whose goth cred dates back to 4th grade, with his cameo in his uncle Andrew Fleming's 1996 film The Craft) felt he’d lost his grounding -- spinning his wheels with metal projects that never really achieved his vision. In the summer of 2020, his old friend Adi Tejada (Uphill Battle, Sutratma), who was living in Santa Barbara, CA, asked if he would be interested in singing for a new band that he’d been cooking up with their mutual friend Casey Shropshire (Uphill Battle, ex-Sutratma). Casey was living in Camarillo, CA and had been writing songs by himself, but sending them all to Adi for his input. Cole was instantly inspired after hearing the instrumental tracks, and immediately put pen to paper. By Halloween they had demo tracks for an entire EP.

But in November of 2020, Cole had bottomed out with alcohol. He felt a darkness enveloping everything around him and he knew that the party was officially over. Much of his lyrical content has since been inspired by his epic struggle to climb out of the swamp of addiction, and the elation of being on the other side, yearning to enter the world as a new beast with sharpened senses and a fire to press on. With this renewed vigor, they completed and self-released their self-titled EP in April of 2021. They soon rounded out their band with bassist Cabe Fletcher (of mid-90s Santa Barbara emo heroes Embassy ) and drummer Ricky Rhiger, and in 2022 they began to unleash their darkened rock on the unsuspecting local music scene, who were immediately enthralled.

With baritone vocals that recall Sisters of Mercy’s more passionate moments over rock & roll that challenges The Cult for their throne atop the dark rock kingdom, RIVAL CULTS come together to represent that burning fire of inspiration that had been mere embers inside the band’s members for so long -- a universe of possibilities can be unlocked by one's will to overcome the goblins of chaos that can reside in their own unconscious.

"A fantastic album which can appeal to so many, like a current look back at the past with one eye eagerly trained on the horizon." - Mick Mercer

"One listen to their phenomenal debut, and you’ll quickly become indoctrinated to their style. Think every great classic goth rock album from yesteryear with the guitar flair and oomph of Tribulation. In that liminal space between rock and metal, Rival Cults fly pretty close to the studded belted sun, but it’s Barrington’s truly pitch-perfect goth crooning that keeps this closer to rock and punk than metal." - Nicholas Senior @ New Noise Magazine

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