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RITUAL BARBITURATE - Pain Manager [cassette]


Pain Manager

'brick' cassette  (ltd to 30)

a1.  Abel's Jewelry
a2.  Everything's Coming Up Fast
a3.  Liar
a4.  Heartless Manipulators
a5.  Pain Manager
b1.  Overboard
b2.  Tilt
b3.  When the Levee Aches
b4.  Lords '08

From the raging current of punk evolution emerges Ritual Barbiturate – a band that defies easy definition. Matthew Davis (dogsholylife, AD, Form Rank) and Christian Wolford (ENDS., AD, Try Harder), who share a rich and extensive history of musical and visual arts collaboration, unleash a new sonic beast with their latest creation. Joined by bassist/guitarist Gabe VanBenschoten (Mossbreaker, Gale Forces) and Failure's powerhouse drummer Kellii Scott, the band seamlessly blends punk's many sub-genres, injecting hefty doses of post-punk and noise rock into their modern hardcore foundation. Their aggressive, angular guitars intertwine with driving basslines and frenetic drumming, all supporting Wolford's impassioned vocals – a soundscape further punctuated by unexpected samples and found sounds.

Ritual Barbiturate’s debut album, Pain Manager, is anything but routine. This nine-track journey is a dissonant yet artful exploration of artful expression and modern angst. Haunting guitar leads, textural noise, and layered rhythms weave a tapestry that unveils new details with each listen. "Liar," a sing-along punk anthem, delves into themes of self-reflection and personal growth, while "Everything's Coming Up Fast" and "Overboard" deliver with a more direct and aggressive tone. The title track pays homage to post-punk pioneers like The Jesus and Mary Chain and Warsaw, but with the muscularity and raw energy of Pissed Jeans. One listen reveals that Ritual Barbiturate is a force to be reckoned with.


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