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RETALIATE - Tormented by Eternity [cassette]


Tormented by Eternity

white cassette  (ltd to 150)

a1.  Where Yahweh Doesn't Dwell
a2.  Tormented by Eternity
a3.  Intro (Stream of Excrements)
a4.  Dead
a5.  Silence
a6.  Skull King
b1.  Sentence Is Death
b2.  Stream of Excrements
b3.  Lágrimas
b4.  Times of War
b5.  I Become
b6.  End

RETALIATE is a death/thrash metal band from Joinville, a smallish conservative town along the southwest border of Brazil.  The band formed in 2014, influenced by the classic death and thrash metal bands of the 80s and 90s, and feeling impelled to make fast and aggressive music repudiating the government, the establishment, and the sick and sickening society surrounding them.

Retaliate was founded by Edson Souza and Andrei Ruan de Souza (no relation), on guitar and bass respectively.  In 2015, the two were joined on drums by Claudio Wurfel.  The trio immediately set to work in Andrei’s studio, recording and releasing their first DIY demo, Death Does Not Heal.  The strength of this demo immediately caught the attention of the Brazilian underground metal scene. In 2016, the band self-released their first full-length album, Stream of Excrements.  These eight songs opened the doors to local shows and festivals around the country.  In 2017, Andrei left the band, and with Edson assuming bass duties, the band soldiered on, recording the Tormented by Eternity demo.  Subsequently, Weslei Harnack replaced Claudio Wurfel on drums and Anderson “Biko” Luiz joined on second guitar.  With a renewed vigor, the band stormed into 2018.

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(note: photo is a mockup, not the actual product)