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IRESS - Sleep Now, In Reverse [cd] - PRE-ORDER


Sleep Now, In Reverse

CD edition w/ 4-panel digipak

1.  Falling
2.  Ever Under
3.  Mercy
4.  Leviathan (The Fog)
5.  Lovely (Forget Me Not)
6.  The Remains
7.  In Reverse
8.  Knell Mera
9.  Sanctuary
10.  Deep


The sonic equivalent of standing on a beach as a tidal wave approaches, listening to IRESS is to be aware of certain devastation and yet grateful to witness something so terrifyingly beautiful, transfixed by what happens next. Drawing inspiration from dark, yet commanding elements including metal, shoegaze, and slowcore, their music presents a cinematic crescendo that swells with intensity and wanes with sorrow.

Iress formed in the musical crucible of Los Angeles in 2010. Frontwoman Michelle Malley, dubbed "the Adele of Doom” by LA music peers, possesses vocals that range from an enveloping smokey warmth to anguished belting, revealing an emotional depth that arrests with unbelievable restraint and control. The band, comprised of bassist Michael Maldonado, drummer Glenn Chu, and guitarist Graham Walker, have fostered a chemistry that translates seamlessly to the stage. Their live performances are intentional and dynamic, leaving audiences stunned to silence, moved to tears, and immersed in a satisfying amount of crushing distortion.

Over the years Iress has evolved, always exploring new dimensions in their sound, yet always showcasing Malley’s equally fragile and ferocious vocals. Their intentionality in crafting concise songs, each flickering into existence with magnificent intensity, aligns with nuanced storytelling.

Iress seamlessly weaves layers of crushing guitars, atmospheric textures, and brooding rhythms, creating a sonic tapestry that blends darkness and beauty. With their upcoming LP, Sleep Now, In Reverse, and an international touring schedule in 2024, Iress invites listeners to be transported to a realm where darkness and beauty intertwine.

"If you're looking for a fantastic combination of dreamy vocal production and weighty doom, look no further than Iress' new single 'Falling'" - Metal Injection

"[O]ne of the most mesmerizing vocalists in heavy music, Michelle Malley. Her raw, yearning howl is prone to foundational cracks that only underscore its authenticity" - Decibel Magazine

"Every single note is as heartfelt as it is carefully constructing and adding depth to Iress’ world of dreary beauty." - Sputnik Music

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