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IRESS - Flaw [vinyl lp]



purple vinyl  (ltd to 250)

a1.  Shamed
a2.  Nest
a3.  Underneath
a4.  Dark Love
b1.  Shallow
b2.  Thieves
b3.  Wolves
b4.  Hand Tremor

This limited vinyl edition was self-released on September 18, 2020 by the band.

The sonic equivalent of standing on a beach as a tidal wave approaches, listening to IRESS is to be aware of certain devastation, yet grateful to witness something so terrifyingly beautiful, and transfixed in anticipation for whatever happens next.

Formed in Los Angeles in 2010, IRESS employ dark, commanding elements of shoegaze, slowcore and metal, swelling in moments of cinematic-like crescendo. Dubbed the “Adele of Doom” by her local LA music peers, frontwoman Michelle Malley’s vocals have the power to envelop with smokey warmth, destroy with anguished belting, and arrest with unbelievable restraint. Bassist, Michael Maldonado, provides the much-needed anchor in the bewitching melodies and reverb, while drummer, Glenn Chu, pushes unrelentingly forward. Guitarist, Graham Walker, joined in 2022 instigating a new, more collaborative way of working for the band. This chemistry is undeniable on stage as the intentionality applied to live performances leaves audiences stunned to silence in moments, brought to tears in others when impaled by Malley’s emotional screams, all the while supplying a satisfying amount of crushing distortion to head bang through.

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