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Glaare - To Deaf and Day [CD]

Image of Glaare - To Deaf and Day [CD]

The debut album from GLAARE
Digipak CD

01. My Love Grows in Darkness
02. Like They Do
03. First Rain
04. Desiree
05. Ruins
06. Isky
07. Suffer
08. Surrender/Control

GLAARE is a three-piece post-punk band from Los Angeles. Cherry picking the best elements of darkwave, dream pop and goth-rock, they have been a burgeoning force in the LA scene since their formation in 2012. In a scene where style often blurs out substance, Glaare meticulously craft real songs with real hooks and intricate yet subtle arrangements.

Glaare is Rachael Pierce, Cameron Carlin and Brandon Pierce.

“(T)his is a truly impressive work of dream pop that excels at creating a wonderfully haunting atmosphere… Glaare are masters at creating evocative soundscapes that demand you feel something while you’re sobbing and shaking your hips."
- New Noise Magazine

“Glaare’s gorgeous take on darkwave weaves lush dreampop elements with moody, ’80s-ish electronica and, of course, post-punk, without ever sounding dated. Rachael’s vocals are simultaneously strong and delicate; like Nick Cave or Peter Murphy, she delivers her stories with depth and passion, but with the sort of ethereal prettiness associated with the aforementioned Kate Bush.”
- LA Weekly

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