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FAETOOTH - Remnants of the Vessel [cassette]


Remnants of the Vessel

• 1st edition:  burnt amber  (ltd to 75)  [SOLD OUT]
• 2nd edition:  solid gold   (ltd to 75)  [SOLD OUT]
• 3rd edition:  rubine red  (ltd to 75)  [SOLD OUT]
• 4th edition:  dark gold  (ltd to 75)  [SOLD OUT]
• 5th edition:  burgundy dusk  (ltd to 75)

a1.  (i) naissance
a2.  Echolalia
a3.  La Sorcière
a4.  She Cast a Shadow
a5.  (ii) limbo
a6.  Remains
b1.  Discarnate
b2.  Strange Ways
b3.  (iii) moribund
b4.  Saturn Devouring His Son

Los Angeles-based purveyors of "fairy doom" whose music possesses the ability to bewitch listeners through trance-inducing riffs, alluring melodies, and rich lyricism that ranges from mysterious to diaristic. FAETOOTH’s music is about the nature of the self, the natural world, and all of its enchanting mysteries.

"Bands toil away across entire careers and never capture the enveloping occult atmosphere conjured by guitarists Ashla Chavez-Razzano and Ari May, bassist Jenna Garcia — who split singing and screaming duties among them — and drummer Rah Kanan; hear them now before the rest of the world catches on." - SPIN Magazine (2022 metal AOTY!)

"Its lead single ‘Echolalia’ may be a driving doom-pop anthem, but this LA quartet's debut album sounds just as comfortable on more oppressive, nihilistic dirges like ‘Discarnate’… a significant step up from their 2019 EP, Remnants... solidifies Faetooth as a band that deserve to be on your radar." - Metal Hammer

"Faetooth playfully call themselves 'fairy doom,' and while it's a tag that works, there's nothing cutesy about their literate lyrical narratives and plodding riffage. But the atmosphere is mystical as hell." - Revolver

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