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ENDS. - ENDS. EP [lathe cut 12"]

Image of ENDS. - ENDS. EP [lathe cut 12"]

The debut EP from ENDS.
12" clear LATHE CUT vinyl
ltd to 50!

a1. 8ight
a2. Heavyset
a3. Coffin Music
a4. Bloomfield
a5. NoHo

Clear vinyl lathe cut 12" EPs by Little Elephant Lathe Cuts. They are comparable to factory pressed records in terms of sound quality, durability, and playability. Basically, they're not shitty.


The musical landscape of Los Angeles is as diverse as its people. It’s a constant clash of scenes and cultures and influences, overlapping and melting together to form new, unique formations. Brought up on ‘80s punk and hardcore, ‘90s rap, and the melodic soundscapes of shoegaze, ENDS. fuses these influences with the modern sounds of witch house, trip hop, and more to create their own unique style of hip hop/trap.

Trae Malone and Chris Wolford have manifested their creativity through art and music, specifically in punk and hardcore. From booking their own shows to creating their artwork in-house to grinding out tours, the DIY ethos of punk and early hip hop has shaped their approach not only to music but also their everyday lives. Malone has spent much of his professional life in the PR and artist management side of music. Wolford is a graphic designer, artist and co-founder of Los Angeles-based art collective/brand, Dethkills. Together, the pair has taken the lessons of Rollins and Dre and challenged the expectations of what hip hop should sound like by injecting the dangerous and unexpected.

** note: photo is a mockup, not the actual product

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