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Deathchant - Deathchant [cassette]

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Deathchant cassette
a1. Pessimist
a2. Control
a3. Ritual
b1. Eulogy
b2. Breathe
b3. Hex
b4. Trigger

DEATHCHANT is the brainchild of TJ Lemieux (Child, Psychedelic Speed Freaks, Mainline Ladies, Babylon) with John Bolino, Colin Fahrner, and George Camacho. They’ve been dubbed psychedelic rock, proto-metal, doom, stoner metal, noise-punk, hard rock, and everything in between, but if you ask them, DEATHCHANT is just, “rock and roll with psychedelic influences.”

Congregating in a cabin in the mountains of Big Bear, DEATHCHANT laid down seven tracks in February 2018 that would become their debut LP. Guitarist Lemieux set the scene: “Marshall stacks in closets. Shit tucked in weird spaces. Sounds from every corner of the cabin. "Drums were in front of the fire. Big old A frame cabin with a kickass jukebox full of Johnny paycheck and Merle Haggard type tunes, shit we love! Mushroom jams were had. Spirits were verrrry high. No sleep.”

This is co-release with King Volume Records

“…volatile, exciting and unpredictable…”
- The Obelisk

"Deathchant is a psychedelic joie de vivre of hard jams and high living, a feast for the ears and a battery for the spirit."
- Doomed & Stoned

"Anyone who appreciates addictive groovy psychedelic riffs is going to fiend for the new release from DEATHCHANT."
- Cvlt Nation

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