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BRASS BOX - The Cathedral [cd]


The Cathedral

CD w/ 4-panel gatefold wallet

01 . Bats
02.  Golden
03.  DDM
04.  Surrender
05.  Latency
06.  Waves
07.  Towne
08.  Roses
09.  Ivory Skies
10.  Parting Ways

Los Angeles based band Brass Box is creating a fresh brand of noisy shoegaze that is equally atmospheric as it is melodic -- a sound that immediately casts listeners into a sea of velvet and thorns annexed by an indomitable wave of swirling guitars and shimmering harmonies.  The band is the collective effort of singer and bassist Ammo Bankoff (Tête, Black Flamingo), guitarist Neil Popkin (War Tapes, Rituals), guitarist Matt Bennett (War Tapes), and drummer Pablo Amador (Rituals, Magic Wands).

Brass Box is Ammo Bankoff, Neil Popkin, Matt Bennett and Pablo Amador.

“The swirling music of Brass Box suggests being cast adrift in the darkness, riding on a sea of hands, some belonging to angels and some to demons.”
- BuzzBands.LA

“...a surreal reverie that has the sonic texture of crushed velvet imbued with the lingering scent of burnt incense and clove cigarettes circa October of 1993.”

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