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BODY FARM - Living Hell [cassette]


Living Hell

• 1st edition:  black/white cassette  (ltd to 100)  [SOLD OUT]
• 2nd edition:  blue/pink cassette  (ltd to 100)

1st edition:
a1.  20/20
a2.  Riot?
a3.  I.O.U.
a4.  Ohioan Solidarity
b1.  Death on Two Wheels
b2.  Greed
b3.  Double Think
b4.  Living Hell

2nd edition w/ bonus tracks!:
a1.  20/20
a2.  Riot?
a3.  I.O.U.
a4.  Ohioan Solidarity
a5.  Death on Two Wheels
a6.  Greed
a7.  Double Think
a8.  Living Hell
b1.  Tower of Babel
b2.  Gang Vocals
b3.  1984
b4.  Poison
b5.  Screen Life
b6.  Rough Night
b7.  S.A.D.
b8.  45
b9.  June
b10.  Mass / Welp, Covfefe
b11.  Body Farm

8 blazing fast and crushing tracks from Ohio’s four-piece hardcore punk rippers.  1k volts of politically-charged anthems laid over hard hitting riffs played lightning fast, the way it should be.

All orders ship out at least once-a-week.  Your patience is appreciated.  If you have any issues regarding your order, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].