Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to The Sound [lossless wav]

Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to The Sound  [lossless wav]

Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to The Sound
a mental health benefit
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lossless files (WAV)

ACTORS - Mining for Heart
CREUX LIES - Contact the Fact
ANCESTORS - Dreams Then Plans
BRASS BOX - One Thousand Reasons
MODE MODERNE - Barria Alta
INTIMATCHINE - I Can’t Escape Myself
SALO - Heartland
THIEF - Desire
SONODA - Night vs Day
AMMO - Total Recall
YOU - Hothouse
OVER - Golden Soldiers
INVSN - Monument
ZARA GLAZE & KAI TAK - Prove Me Wrong

With Dune Altar's first charitable compilation we hope to help bring awareness to the mental health conditions plaguing 44 million Americans today, and so many more worldwide. Inspired by Adrian Borland, frontman of The Sound and brilliant artist who suffered from schizoaffective disorder and severe depression, Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to The Sound features various artists contributing covers of songs from the The Sound’s timeless catalog.

As a criminally underrated, yet tremendously influential 1980s UK band, The Sound was seldom acknowledged by and has long since been forgotten by the mainstream. The story of The Sound has long been inextricably linked to mental health, a connection that was solidified with Adrian Borland’s suicide in 1999. In the spirit of this cause, we’ve partnered with Painted Brain, a Los Angeles non-profit organization, providing art and community-based solutions to mental health challenges. ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF THIS COMPILATION WILL BE DONATED TO PAINTED BRAIN, TO PUT TOWARD THEIR VARIOUS PROGRAMS.

Purchase of the album also includes an extensive digital booklet, featuring unseen photos, brand new interviews, mental health statistics / resources and more!

And so here we are: 16 artists who have all been touched and inspired by the music of The Sound, and we’re proud to present our versions of their songs.